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Living History Days provides a great opportunity for you and your family to experience history hands-on.

We do this by hosting and participating in historical interpretation events and celebrations to educate about 18th-century colonial American life, history, ideas, and values through costumed interpreters, hands-on activities, and military demonstrations.

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Step back in time to 18th Century America. Visit Living History Days.

Posted by Living History Days on Sunday, April 8, 2018


Step back in time to the 18th century and experience the excitement of building a new nation.

Current Event – Spring 2021

Encampment Setting: February 1779 – Vincennes, Ohio Country in The Western Theater

April 23-24, 2021
Friday & Saturday

Life Fellowship Church
11500 Sheridan Blvd
Westminster, CO 80020

Map and Directions, Cost, Project Sign-up, Schedule, etc.

Next Event – Fall 2021

Encampment Setting: 1779

September 24-25, 2021
Friday & Saturday

Red Rocks Baptist Church
14711 W Morrison Rd
Morrison, CO 80465

Other Events

These are events and celebrations that we also participate in:

Spring 2021 Event

Experience 18th-century life through costumed interpreters, hands-on activities, and military demonstrations. Aspects of colonial American life will be available for you to experience – agriculture, blacksmith, education, games, gunsmith, military, and much more.

February 1779 – Vincennes, Ohio Country in The Western Theater

The British have armed and recruited Indian war parties to raid the Kentucky settlements, opening up a western front with the rebel colonists. George Rogers Clark, older brother of William Clark of Lewis and Clark fame, believes that he can end the raids by capturing British posts in the Illinois and Ohio Country. After convincing Virginia governor Patrick Henry of his plan, he returns to the frontier with gunpowder and a commission as a lieutenant colonel. His initial successes and gains are at risk as British Lieutenant Governor Henry Hamilton retakes Fort Sackville, located along the Wabash River, on the border of modern-day Indiana and Illinois in late 1778. Fearing that every day delayed makes Hamilton’s position stronger, Clark decides to launch a winter attack with a daring 200-mile march where his committed buckskin-clad militia wade through miles of standing water. Arriving at the fort, the smaller American force bluff Hamilton into surrendering the garrison by raising enough flags to make their strength look like over 600! Clark’s success was celebrated across the colonies and was used to encourage the alliance with France. The occupation assured the ceding of the frontier, and what became the Northwest Territory, to the new United States of America at the end of the war.

18th-Century Military Demonstration – twice daily

Both Continental and British troops will demonstrate 18th-century military maneuvers. Though similar, you will learn the differences between the two opposing forces. This will be introduced by a rousing fife and drum march and concluded with a booming artillery demonstration.

Medical Demonstration

Stop at the apothecary tent to learn about 18th-century medicine. Several surgical techniques will be demonstrated, and none of them will be frightening to watch.

Stage Drama – four times daily

Performed multiple times daily, come see “Committed”, a stage drama by Kimberly Olson and Melissa Patterson, telling the story of George Rogers Clark and the great things affected by a few men well conducted at the siege of Fort Vincennes.

Projects – twice daily

We offer optional hands-on crafts to make something special to take home. Space is limited and pre-registration is required.


April 23-24, 2021
Friday & Saturday
9:00AM – 4:00PM

Life Fellowship Church
11500 Sheridan Blvd
Westminster, CO 80020

$5/person (age 4+)
Max $20/family
Field trips: $4/person

We require each family to fill out a Liability Waiver. Save time, and print at home. Print each guest’s name, and have each adult sign. Children under 18 are not required to sign, so long as a parent or guardian has signed.

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Frequently Asked Queries

Pray thee, have you any queries? Here are some of common ones and answers.

  • Is the event still happening with COVID-19 restrictions?
    We canceled all events in 2020 due to government limits on the number of people who can attend one event. We hope to still hold the April 2021 event and will post information here on what sort of restrictions might be in place.
  • How do I pay admission?
    Payment is made upon entry to the encampment. We accept cash, checks, and credit/debit cards (we do not accept Continentals due to British counterfeiting and their depreciating value).
  • What is the admission price?
    $5 per person. Children under 4 are free, and an immediate family is $20.
  • Do school groups and field trips have a discount?
    If you are a schoolmaster, bringing 5 or more people, and you will be making a single payment for the entire group, then the price is $4 per person. Each child will need to have a liability waiver. Please download the liability waiver and have the parents/guardians of each child sign one. When you arrive, have one adult proceed to the line marked for school groups to pick up all the wristbands for your group. While within the encampment, please have a chaperone with each group of children.
  • I am a homeschooler, may I have the school discount?
    Aye, if you meet the requirements for school groups above (5 or more people, single payment for the group, waivers for each guest, etc.) you may pay $4 per person.
  • Do I need to preregister my school group?
    It is not required, but it does help us plan. Please contact us at with the number of people you are bringing, which day, and your approximate time of arrival.
  • Will there be refreshments for sale?
    Ginger cookies, drinks, and other snacks are for sale in our general store, but there will not be any items for dinner, the mid-day meal. You are welcome to bring your own provisions, and eat it outside of the encampment display area. We recommend that you bring full canteens as well. You are also welcome to leave and return as many times as you need during the two-day event to go get food. There are taverns, markets and other establishments within 10-15 minutes of our locations.
  • What should we bring?
    To be sure you have an exceedingly agreeable time, we recommend planning for any sort of weather. It is often prodigiously sunny and hats, bonnets, canteens, and sunscreen are recommended. Feel free to don any 18th-century attire you wish. A form of payment for admission as well as to purchase items from the general store. To expedite your entry print and bring your liability form.
  • I purchased a doll dress kit. How do I sew it?
    You can download the instructions here. Just click on the appropriate link: doll dress with pinner cap or doll dress with mob cap. You can also watch a video that shows step by step how to sew the kit. If you are not sure which one you have, the video explains the difference between a mob cap and a pinner cap.
  • Lose something at the event?
    We have a lost and found at the registration table that you can inquire at during the event. Otherwise, you may contact Any children left behind will be bound out into apprenticeships.
  • Have you other queries?
    Please contact us at